E-mail is a mess. Anselus replaces it with a suite of tools to organize your life. Connect with friends, family, and colleagues and be free to be yourself without worry of anyone snooping on the conversation or invading your privacy. Be protected from spam, phishing, and hackers who want to exploit you.


Messages are completely encrypted. Only the sender and recipients can read them. E-mail sends postcards, we send registered mail.


Just like e-mail, no one “owns” it, and you can run your own private service if you wish. Anyone can write software for it. Anselus is Free Software.


Be absolutely certain that a message came from the person listed in the Sender box. Phishing just got a lot harder.


Imagine the possibilities if your calendar, to-do list, address book, and inbox all worked together with the only goal of helping you get things done.


Eliminate or reduce malicious attachments, spam, phishing, surveillance, and other nasties.


Down the road, you’ll be able to keep up on news feeds and we’ll replace Facebook and Twitter, too. One stop for a large part of your digital life without any surveillance.

How It Works

The server helps vouch for who you are, delivers your messages without being able to read them, and provides a way for people to easily get in touch with you without giving any more information than you’re comfortable with.

Public key encryption makes sure people can trust the identity of the sender of a message.