Let’s Build This Thing Together

Anselus is a very young project. We need help in a lot of areas, which means that anyone can easily jump in and make a difference. Our areas of need include:

Project Roadmap

Anselus Server, the reference server implementation, will be developed alongside the official platform specifications. The development of desktop client, Anselus Connect, will commence late in the development of the specification and Anselus Server.

Coding Projects

Currently the team are working on two main subprojects: Server and Connect. Hosting is provided by GitHub.

Anselus Server

The reference implementation of the server software is the primary focus for the moment. It includes the service which manages workspaces and delivers messages. Also included in this subproject is a command-line management tool for systems administrators. The server is written in Go and the supplementary tools are in Python.

Anselus Connect

Connect is the desktop client and is currently in the design phase. It will be cross-platform, compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, and BSD.

Specification Development

One of the main problems with e-mail is the set of protocols that dictate how communication is performed. Anselus as a platform is a collection of open APIs and protocols. A lot of thought and effort has already gone into the specs, but there is still a lot to do. The full specification can be found here.

Website Development

The Anselus website is hosted by GitHub Pages and is written in a combination of Markdown and HTML/CSS. It is generated by the Hugo static site generator. While clean and good-looking, it could be so much more if administered by a creative person with a passion for the task and an eye for good design.

The repository for the Anselus website can be found at https://github.com/anselus/website.


Anselus is Free Software, but developing it has its costs.

Free time is a precious resource in short supply and development infrastructure isn’t free, either. Your donations enable the team to create time for development, keep the lights on, and say “Thank you!” to the ones putting in the effort to make this world a safer place. Only with your financial help can our efforts succeed some time before the next Millennium. If everyone gives a little, it makes a big difference. Even something as small as $5 a month.

Liberapay - Almost all of your donation goes straight to the project. Only processing fees apply.

Patreon - Better known, but takes at least a 5% cut plus payment processing fees.
Donating through Patreon coming soon